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The Reinke Electrogator II

Building upon the reliability of the Electrogator, the new Electrogator II offers a list of improvements that will make it the best irrigation system for your needs. The redesigned span and tower structure improves upon the stability and strength of the system and utilizes the impressive list of features that made the Electrogator line a world leader.

A wide variety of pipe and span choices to suit your requirements.

High strength, low weight steel means a superior system that has a light footprint.

Durable and flexible tower and joint connections for long life and improved alignment.

Efficient and dependable drive components keep your system moving year after year.

A choice of control options for ease of use and accurate application on your fields.

The longest corner system in the industry and options for accurate control.

Towable options allow you to get the most from your irrigation dollar.

Specialty items to maximize coverage of odd shaped fields.

A history of innovations that give you the best system on the market.

Additional options to consider.